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Our IT staffing services are available for every type of project. No matter how simple or complex: from prototyping to full-scale development of desktop, mobile or web applications, testing and systems management. IT Staff Augmentation services are a proven, reliable, and cost effective way to increase the size and productivity for our clients.

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IT Staff Augumentation

IT Staff Augmentation is a service designed to add extra talent to your team on an on-demand basis. This allows businesses to immediately find the right fit for hard-to-fill or temporary positions, which boosts the scalability and efficiency of project development.

Reduce Hiring Time

With recruitment and staff augmentation, you can skip posting jobs, searching the market, and multiple interviews.

The Right Fit

Whether it’s a temporary contract or a permanent placement, we match you with experts who are the right fit for your business.

Leverage our network of IT Professionals

We have a network of experts we work with and process for connecting you with the right one for your needs.

Reduce Churn

If you’re having trouble training and retaining IT staff, we can help.

It Staff Augmentation

It Staff Augmentation

Access to full range of IT Professionals

We have project managers; business analysts, architects, developers, network specialists, application specialists, and IT support staff – ready to assist you.

Highly qualified and certified project leaders

Our resources are ready to jump in and get projects to the finish line.

Flexibility to ramp up or down

With our staff augmentation, you can add resources for a specific duration to accelerate your work and then scale down when needed.

Access Senior Expertise

Our Senior Talent has a lot of industry and project experience.

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Benefits of Choosing our IT Augmentation Services

With the help of our IT Augmentation services, any organization can bypass every speed bump related to sourcing, recruiting, and retaining the talented software engineers.

Team co-ordination

Assigning dedicated team

With software managed services, Infozion’s engineers are assigned to a particular client. Engineers are not allocated to other projects or accounts. Your team’s know-how will help reduce risks along the way and will remain intact over the life cycle of Infozion’s services.

Top 1% IT Talent

Access to the pool of talent

We specialize in solid end-to-end delivery of tailor-made technology solutions designed by the Top 1% of Software Engineering teams. Our innate digital leadership identity powers transformation across every industry.

Hiring process

24/7 Recruitment Process

We take recruiting very seriously. Our hiring process is constantly active to ensure immediate access to the best IT professionals in the market.

Integrate to the internal process

Maintain oversight and control

Our talented engineers quickly integrate themselves with your internal team’s processes, report directly to in-house management and participate actively in daily meetings and progress reports.

Round the clock working

Save time

Comply with your deadlines and put our round-the-clock recruitment process to work for your team. Find the right professionals for every role in less time.

Special Software talent


We rigorously test for logical/mathematical reasoning skills, technical ability and soft skills in our interview process. Only those engineers who score highly across each of these areas are presented to our clients.

Our Expertise

Infozion enable businesses to develop more robust and long-term abilities with its on-demand IT staff augmentation services.


Onsite Staffing

Our onsite staffing program brings the development team closer into your work environment for on-the-job performance evaluation. The co-development teams work as an in-house staff as long as required.


Offsite staffing

Our offsite staffing model allows you to hire an extended development team that works remotely for you. You can either manage them yourselves or let us handle your project. The co-development team works as an extended team as long as you require.


Co-managed solutions

Our experienced IT staff helps clients attain transparency and authority via a shared, co-handled service desk system, comprising ticketing, service metric, safety, and performance reporting.


Catering to Diverse industries

We offer staff augmented services to multiple industries, including Travel & Tourism, Media & Entertainment, Logistics, Retail & ecommerce, eLearning, Healthcare, Banking, and more.

Client Speaks

We made it so beautiful and simple. It combines landings, pages, blogs and shop screens. It is definitely the tool you need in your collection!

Our Case Studies

We made it so beautiful and simple. It combines landings, pages, blogs and shop screens. It is definitely the tool you need in your collection!

Our Results in Numbers

We are very happy about our achievements and don’t hide them


Companies Digitalized


Projects Completed


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Technologies & Frameworks Our Developers Skilled In

Our developers like to work across a wide spectrum of platforms and we take pride in delivering all our projects as per the brand’s choice, comfort, requirement and budget. Here are some technologies and frameworks that we are deft with.


Give a new dimension to your business by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by our expert pool of developers who have been behind the development of various renowned brands that have heightened sales through AI.


We use an array of technological frameworks that help us to securely save data while creating some best back-end experience for our users.


Run your on-premises and cloud workloads with a more secured and complete database solutions. We are the experts in using the best technology frameworks to manage the critical data.

eCommerce & CMS

We specialise in crafting some of the most aesthetically designed e-commerce websites that will allow you to reach audiences across international borders and manage them seamlessly by using our highly advanced Customer Management Software.

Js & Frontend

Neat, efficient and user-friendly are some of the key focal points that we ensure when we use these technologies to create a spectacular front-end experience.


Create some of the most trending apps with us across multiple operating systems and interact with your users.


We conduct a wide array of tests to help you get a meaningful insight and generate reports about your products and help you improve or resolve issues.


When UX helps to accomplish the goals, UI creates a connection between the user and the service provider. With the latest technology frameworks used, our UI/UX services enables smart user experience and dynamic user interface to the clients.


Based on over experience and questions we receive from our clients, we wrote down a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We hope that it will help you better understand the issues related to software development.

How long will it take for my project to get delivered?

We are known for our quality and fast delivery of the various projects. However, since each of our clients needs are unique, we shall convey the expected timeline of the project basis our discussion.

What if I am not satisfied with the project?

Over the last few years, we at Infozion have successfully delivered all of our projects without any negative feedback. In case you are unsatisfied with our work, then we shall consider reworking on the same project and improving or fixing any bug issues.

Will I get a dedicated manager to update me with the status of the work?

Yes, we shall assign a dedicated project manager to each of our clients so that she/he is in constant touch and is accessible to our client.

How do I monitor the status of my work?

We will regularly schedule meetings as well as virtual sessions for you to keep a track on the progress of the work so that you know how much of the project has been covered.

What services are offered by Infozion?

At Infozion, we specialise at website development for brands and companies across multiple niche, mobile app development, UI/UX design, software solutions for better business management, SEO consultation and services, digital marketing, landing pages, blogs, e-commerce and everything you need to digitise your business.

How can I contact Infozion?

You can either fill your details and drop us a message with your query or you may also email us at to get an instant reply.

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