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Migrate securely to the cloud with no business disruptions

As technology evolves, you may look into migrating to cloud based solutions and in order to do so, we help you strategize and implement plans to ensure business value and growth.

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How We Help Organizations with our
Cloud Migration Services

We are a software product development company providing cloud migration services to organizations that want to see the tremendous business benefits of cloud computing. We help you build a cloud migration strategy, select the cloud providers suited to your needs, optimize your IT infrastructure, and help with digital transformation. Our expert engineers and dedicated teams helps your migration and modernization initiatives see a tangible business impact while moving to the cloud. Whether you are undertaking incremental cloud migration initiatives, or are looking for a reliable and battle-tested partner for critical steps in your cloud migration journey, we ensure that you reach your goals.


Application Migration

Evaluate goals and adopt the best fit approach: Rehost, Refactor, Replatform, Rearchitect, Rebuild, or Replace.


Infrastructure Migration

Build an optimal cloud infrastructure that provides the foundation for scalability, security, availability, and agility. Automate infrastructure management and monitor the cloud implementation with powerful tools.


Storage Migration

Migrate data to the cloud with zero security lapses and no loss of data integrity. Disentangle data to overcome data gravity, thus leading to optimal migration outcomes.


Platform Migration

Move to an evolved cloud platform to accelerate your business goals. Avoid vendor lock-in and related complexities to ensure you maximize the ROI from your initiatives.


AWS Migration

We re-design and re-architect to make it suitable for AWS cloud through containerization, thereby, helping enterprises to achieve hassle free cloud transformation strategy.


Azure Migration

Our rich consulting experience in Azure migration services allow us to frame a road map for existing IT real estates and come up with captivating solutions to ensure smooth transition.

4 Step Infozion’s Cloud Migration Approach

As a part of our cloud infrastructure migration, we ensure smooth transition of business applications and data to leading cloud platforms. Let’s see our process

Planning and strategy

Understand your organization’s adaptability to cloud services and the availability of applications that fit in the cloud.

Infra Audit

Assess the capabilities of your existing infrastructure in line with the industry’s best practices in terms of security, scalability, automation, disaster recovery, automation, recovering ability, etc.

Architect Design and Automation

Gather existing resources and manage requirements to create supporting cloud architecture. Automation with industry’s proven cloud technology solutions form an integral part of cloud migration.

Deployment and testing

Deploy the new cloud environment, stage it and test it for its functionality, operational efficiency and scalability.


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Cloud Migration at its finest

We have been trusted by businesses across the globe to migrate their workloads and applications to the cloud. In the journey, we become strategic partners in our clients’ growth.

Avail Customized Migration services

Cloud Customized Practice Adherence

Avail customized migration services with our certified cloud practitioners who have years of migration experience for complex and challenging projects. This warrants adherence to industry best practices such as deploying governance frameworks, adoption of automation, and implementing monitoring benchmarks.

Reach goals faster

Faster time to business results

Reach goals faster with battle-tested frameworks and boilerplates. This ensures that the setup is quick and there are negligible operational overheads. Certified cloud engineers increase development throughput, avoiding long learning curves to accelerate the migration journey.

Get the state-of-art-security

Security and Governance

Get state-of-the-art security and governance standards with our “Shift-Left” mentality. Obviate loss of data integrity and meet necessary compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PSI, GDPR, etc.

Our Expertise in Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud solutions ensure that you migrate with confidence. Whether you are moving entirely to the cloud, switching between providers, or want a hybrid approach, we help you build and execute a cloud migration plan that gets you there.

Off-premises to cloud

Migrate applications, tools, data, and more from your on-premises hosting solution to the cloud.

Save infrastructure cost with a subscription based pay as you go model as you scale ahead.

Cloud to cloud

Switch cloud vendors as your business requirements and tactical considerations evolve.

Avert business threats related to vendor lock-in. Get the best of a multi cloud strategy by moving partial workloads to multiple clouds.

On-premises to cloud

Leverage the power and scalability of the public cloud as well as the inherent data security of a private cloud.

Ensure interoperability across cloud and on-premises architectures. Easily move applications and data to respond to business needs.

Client Speaks

We made it so beautiful and simple. It combines landings, pages, blogs and shop screens. It is definitely the tool you need in your collection!

Our Case Studies

We made it so beautiful and simple. It combines landings, pages, blogs and shop screens. It is definitely the tool you need in your collection!

Our Results in Numbers

We are very happy about our achievements and don’t hide them


Companies Digitalized


Projects Completed


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Technologies & Frameworks Our Developers Skilled In

Our developers like to work across a wide spectrum of platforms and we take pride in delivering all our projects as per the brand’s choice, comfort, requirement and budget. Here are some technologies and frameworks that we are deft with.


Give a new dimension to your business by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by our expert pool of developers who have been behind the development of various renowned brands that have heightened sales through AI.


We use an array of technological frameworks that help us to securely save data while creating some best back-end experience for our users.


Run your on-premises and cloud workloads with a more secured and complete database solutions. We are the experts in using the best technology frameworks to manage the critical data.

eCommerce & CMS

We specialise in crafting some of the most aesthetically designed e-commerce websites that will allow you to reach audiences across international borders and manage them seamlessly by using our highly advanced Customer Management Software.

Js & Frontend

Neat, efficient and user-friendly are some of the key focal points that we ensure when we use these technologies to create a spectacular front-end experience.


Create some of the most trending apps with us across multiple operating systems and interact with your users.


We conduct a wide array of tests to help you get a meaningful insight and generate reports about your products and help you improve or resolve issues.


When UX helps to accomplish the goals, UI creates a connection between the user and the service provider. With the latest technology frameworks used, our UI/UX services enables smart user experience and dynamic user interface to the clients.


Based on over experience and questions we receive from our clients, we wrote down a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We hope that it will help you better understand the issues related to software development.

How long will it take for my project to get delivered?

We are known for our quality and fast delivery of the various projects. However, since each of our clients needs are unique, we shall convey the expected timeline of the project basis our discussion.

What if I am not satisfied with the project?

Over the last few years, we at Infozion have successfully delivered all of our projects without any negative feedback. In case you are unsatisfied with our work, then we shall consider reworking on the same project and improving or fixing any bug issues.

Will I get a dedicated manager to update me with the status of the work?

Yes, we shall assign a dedicated project manager to each of our clients so that she/he is in constant touch and is accessible to our client.

How do I monitor the status of my work?

We will regularly schedule meetings as well as virtual sessions for you to keep a track on the progress of the work so that you know how much of the project has been covered.

What services are offered by Infozion?

At Infozion, we specialise at website development for brands and companies across multiple niche, mobile app development, UI/UX design, software solutions for better business management, SEO consultation and services, digital marketing, landing pages, blogs, e-commerce and everything you need to digitise your business.

How can I contact Infozion?

You can either fill your details and drop us a message with your query or you may also email us at to get an instant reply.

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